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Discover Our Green Collection

At Zola Krop you can explore a diverse range of eco-friendly gardening solutions. We offer everything you need to cultivate a sustainable, thriving garden, no matter the size or location. Dive into our product categories and discover the tools and planters that will help you achieve your green dreams.

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Customized Coir Products for Businesses

At Zola Krop, we offer a range of exceptional coir products, including hydroponic coir grow bags, easyfill planter bags, and coir blocks, all available for purchase with customizable quantity, branding and personalized packaging for businesses.

Hydroponic Coir Grow Bags

These innovative grow bags are designed to create the perfect environment for root development and moisture retention, ideal for various crops. From strawberries to tomatoes, customize the size, shape, and coir blend to suit your specific needs.

Easyfill Planter Bags

Easy, convenient, and versatile, these planter bags are perfect for nurseries and garden centers. Choose the size, coir mix, and even add your company’s branding for a unique touch.

Coir Blocks

Our coir blocks are the perfect growing medium for hydroponics, horticulture, and home gardening. Select the coir blend and size that best serves your customers’ needs, and don’t forget to imprint your branding on each block.

Branding and Packaging

Your brand identity is crucial, and we respect that. Our branding and packaging services allow you to make these coir products uniquely yours. We offer various branding options, including custom labels, tags, and even product packaging tailored to your specifications. Create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for your customers while providing them with top-quality coir solutions.

Hydroponics Greenhouse Vegetables

Elevate Your Homegrown Vegetables with Hydroponics Greenhouse Systems 

Step into the future of gardening with Zola Krop’s Hydroponics Greenhouse Vegetables collection. Our hydroponic systems combine the benefits of controlled environments with sustainable growing practices, allowing you to harvest fresh, pesticide-free vegetables right at home.

Hydroponics eliminates the need for soil, reducing water usage and promoting faster growth. It’s the epitome of resource-efficient gardening.

Year-Round Harvest
With a hydroponic greenhouse, you can enjoy a year-round harvest of your favorite vegetables, regardless of the weather outside.

Hydroponics reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional farming by minimizing land usage and water consumption.

Discover the joys of growing your own vegetables with our Hydroponics Greenhouse Vegetables collection.

Rooftop Gardening

Turn Your Rooftop into a Green Paradise 

Do you have a rooftop space that’s craving a green makeover? Zola Krop’s Rooftop Gardening solutions are designed for urban gardeners who want to make the most of their elevated space.

Space Maximization
Our planters and tools are tailored to rooftop conditions, ensuring you can grow a wide variety of plants and herbs in a limited space.

Urban Oasis
Create your own urban oasis, a green escape in the heart of the city. Connect with nature without leaving your home.

Rooftop gardens help insulate your living space, reducing energy consumption and cooling costs. They also play a crucial role in urban biodiversity.

Elevate your rooftop with the beauty and tranquility of a rooftop garden using our specialized tools and planters.

Vertical Gardening

Go Vertical for a Green Revolution 

Our Vertical Gardening collection is all about making the most of your space, whether you have a small balcony, limited yard, or just love the aesthetic appeal of vertical gardens.

Vertical gardens allow you to grow more in less space, perfect for urban dwellers or those with limited garden space.

Aesthetic Appeal
Vertical gardens are not just practical; they’re visually stunning, turning any wall or fence into a work of living art.

Easy Maintenance
Our vertical gardening solutions are designed for easy maintenance and watering, making them ideal for both experienced and novice gardeners.

Join the green revolution and explore the world of vertical gardening with Zola Krop’s innovative products.

Open Field Farming

Sustainable Farming for Bountiful Harvests

For those with the space and ambition to engage in open field farming, Zola Krop offers eco-friendly planters and essential tools designed to maximize productivity and sustainability.

Sustainable Practices
Our open field farming solutions are aligned with sustainable farming practices, helping you maintain soil health and minimize environmental impact.

Increased Productivity
Optimize your crop yields with our carefully crafted planters and tools, ensuring a bountiful harvest year after year.

Land Stewardship
Embrace the role of a responsible land steward while enjoying the satisfaction of producing your own food.

Explore our Open Field Farming products to support your commitment to sustainable agriculture and enjoy the fruits of your labor on a larger scale.

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